SpamGuard Overview

Email continues to be a profitable enterprise for SPAMMERS and those with more malicious intent. The result is a never-ceasing escalation in a technology war. How is your current solution fairing at your company?

At DakotaPro, we’ve already made the investment in state-of-the-art technology so you don’t have to. Our SPAMGuard service works round the clock to ensure your business email is uninterrupted.

We do this by filtering both Inbound and Outbound email.   The reason to filter inbound email is obvious.  Over 98% of email is SPAM.  Without filtering inbound email, your inbox is cluttered with way too much useless clutter.  The reason to filter outbound email is less obvious.  If a user’s computer on your network or your email server itself gets compromised, you could be spewing millions of pieces of SPAM out to the Internet and not know it.  That is you’ll know it when you can’t deliver email to you custmers and vendors.  Worse, you’ll know it if confidential company information is leaked out to the Net.

Ask your DakotaPro representative to explain how we can help solve YOUR SPAM. At DakotaPro, we are already filtering over ONE BILLION messages a year!

Note:  we also provide Managed Security (firewall) services that can be a big part of your security solution.

Note: this diagram is representative of our distributed architecture. However, the actual locations used (other than Tucson) are subject to change.


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