DNS Hosting

At DakotaPro, we are experts in managing authoritative DNS records on our servers. We’re often asked how hard it is to manage DNS. It is easy to do poorly. It takes a little more effort to do it well:

  1. Maintain redundant servers so if one fails, the other is ready to take the full load 
  2. Make sure all records are duplicated across all servers on a regular basis
  3. DNS servers are “hardened”, which means that all ports that do not need to be open are closed. 
  4. Regularly maintain the servers so they are running the latest security patches.
  5. Place DNS servers behind a commercial-grade firewall to ensure there is plenty of horsepower availabe in the advent of a DNS Denial of Service attack.

All of the above is why most Customers let DakotaPro manage their DNS so they have the utmost in reliability for their web services!

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