Web Hosting Overview

At DakotaPro.biz, we take the mystery out of web hosting.  Successful web hosting requires three steps.  Most Customers prefer we manage all 3 pieces for them.  We’ll even watch to make sure you domain doesn’t accidentally expire!  However, if you’d prefer to manage your own domain, you must ensure all 3 of the following items are correctly configured.

Domain Registration
This is the process of “registering” a domain.  This makes it yours to use.  We of course register domains on behalf of many of our Customers.
Authoritative DNS
DNS is the traffic system of the internet.  DNS is what tells a computer in New York that it can find the website they’re looking for in Tucson.  By managing the authoritative DNS for your domain, we make sure all Internet traffic gets sent exactly where you want it.
Web Hosting
Website hosting refers to the actual server your website content is hosted on.  We have a number of options for you (see below)

At DakotaPro.biz, we maintain a variety of managed services to suit your needs. Additionally, our hosting packages all include our Premium E-mail services.

Our offerings are as follows:

Hosting Platform Description
Linux hosting, with Cpanel control panel. This is the most user-friendly hosting service.  Almost all functions Customers needed are support on this platform with the exception of MS Frontpage extensions.
Windows Hosting This server is provided for those Customers who require specific windows functionality not provided above.  Any Customer needing Frontpage extensions will be hosted here.
Collaborative Collaborative sites are generally intended for the internal workings of an organization.
DNS Only We manage a fully redundant DNS system that has been designed to ensure no downtime.  We can manage the DNS for your domain separately, or this is always included in any other hosting package.
E-mail Only We can also host E-mail only for your domain, letting you access our premium E-mail services.

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