Secure E-mail

Secure E-mail is one of the most important and pressing issues today. DakotaPro’s E-mail service offers the best-of-breed technologies, already setup and ready for your use. The approach at DakotaPro begins with a complete security¬†philosophy that drives¬†our approach. You will use our service knowing that we’ve implemented quite a few security measures to protect your users and your network.

Data Encryption

Login credentials are by default protected with passwords using RSA public-key asymmetric cryptographic methods, also implemented by SSL traffic encryption to prevent eavesdropping and data tampering. Login credentials are also subject to modern criteria that make “guessing” improbable.

Other security implementations

  • Webmail is always accessed via secure SSL encrypted traffic
  • We filter all inbound E-mail via our industry-leading SpamGuard solution (this minimizes infections on your network)
  • All outbound Email is also filtered – which prevents an infected computer from affected the services of others

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