Premium E-mail Overview

E-mail has become the Business communications super-highway. Peak Business performance requires state-of-the-art features coupled with phone-like reliability from today’s E-mail solution.

DakotaPro has been a leader in providing Premium Business E-mail Services since 1999. As a Managed Services Provider of highly resilient E-mail security systems, our solutions are in use by thousands of business users every day. Additionally, we can structure your service to either provide “administrator only” support or full end-user support.

Our solutions begin with best-in-class E-mail filtering for all users. Over 95% of E-mail today is unsolicited spam or poses a security threat in terms of a virus, malware, phishing attempts, etc. Our systems also protect business E-mail servers and systems from external threats such as Denial of Service (DOS) and Directory Harvest Attacks.’s SpamGuard solution specializes in delivering only the E-mail you want to get through, nothing more, nothing less. Filtered E-mail can either be forwarded to an existing E-mail server or our in-house E-mail solution.

After filtering, our state-of-the-art E-mail server delivers the robust features your users require while providing rock-solid reliability. You can count on to deliver.

Whether you are a business, education, government agencies or a Service Provider, we’ve got the E-mail solution for you. Contact us now to see how can help you deliver the mail!

Features Benefits
Industry-leading Filtering SPAM, Virus, Phishing attacks are thwarted – both inbound and outbound now filtered!
99.999% Reliability Superior Reliability means you don’t have to worry about E-mail not being accessible
Security User data is protected via encrypted communications
IMAP, Pop and SMTP protocols all supported Your users can choose how they want to use the system
Webmail with robust version 2 Ajax interface Users experience a rich web experience from any browser

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