IP Phone Systems Overview

Business telephone systems have seen significant advances in technology that offer many new calling features, lower up-front costs and reduced maintenance and support. Don’t buy another legacy PBX or key telephone system before talking with our staff about all of the current options. We have researched and selected best-of-breed hardware from Allworx.


If you have ever shopped at a Walgreens or CVS, and had photos printed from digital pictures, you’ve already used technology that was developed by Allworx engineers. Allworx got started as an engineering design firm with the best and brightest from Kodak. After designing Kodak’s film kiosks found in every Walgreens and CVS around the country, Allworx was founded. The design team quickly outgrew its facility and after seeing the expense involved in outfitting the small company with a phone system, routers, servers, etc., came up with the idea of designing a next generation IP-based phone system for small and medium sized business (SMB) market. Allworx is not yet a name brand (6 years ago neither was Cisco) but has in the last three years sold more than 15,000 systems and 50,000 phones. Allworx is ranked as #1 in market share for pure IP-PBX systems for the SMB market.


IP-based telephone systems consist of a control unit and IP desk phones. The entire phone system runs over the Local Area Network (LAN). Each IP desk phone has two Ethernet ports, one for the network connection and a second port that can be used to connect a desktop computer, printer or switch. This allows the desk phone and desktop computer to share one Ethernet cable back to the Ethernet switch. Since the phones are plugged into the LAN, it is easy to move phones from room to room without having to reprogram the system.  IP-based desk phones can be line powered just like their legacy PBX counterparts by using power-over-Ethernet (POE) capable network switches.


IP-based PBXs just like legacy PBXs and key systems can use traditional phone lines such as analog POTS or PRI lines or advanced IP-based delivery using SIP trunks. Our phone systems are certified to be compatible with our SIP Trunk Service. Save money and get advanced telephone features by ordering SIP trunks for your IP-based phone system from DakotaPro.  Not only are SIP trunks more cost effective, they are far more flexible.  Tired of buying phone lines 1 PRI at a time, which forces you to buy exactly 23 lines whether you need that many or not?  With SIP trunks, you buy just the number you need.  Additionally, changes are easily done, so as your business grows, we cat grow your telephone capacity with you.


Unlike legacy PBXs that require their own wiring to connect proprietary desk phones to the control unit, IP-based telephone systems run over the same LAN infrastructure that your PC’s and servers use. By consolidating your wiring infrastructure, you reduce complexity. Additionally, running one cable network inside your business instead of two (voice and data) means you can cut those implementation and maintenance costs in half.


Work from where you want when you want with ease. You can take desk phones off-site and by connecting them to any broadband connection, they function from home or a remote location exactly like they would from the office. Cut the cord and work from anywhere that you have a broadband Internet connection!  Remote workers love the fact they can call back customers and vendors and their caller-ID shows as coming from the office.  No more giving out your personal cell or home line when you have to make those critical calls!


One of the most significant advantages of an IP-based PBX from Allworx is their simple web-based configuration and the low cost of Moves, Adds and Changes. A MAC can cost anywhere from $100 – $200 per incident. Traditional PBXs and key systems require special programming or rewiring by the phone system vendor or technician in order to move a user from one room to another. With an Allworx IP-based PBX from DakotaPro, you simply unplug the phone from one room, and plug it into the next room, just like you would a PC. The end user configuration follows the phone no matter where you plug it into. Stop paying time and materials for Moves, Adds and Changes to your phone system!

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