Multiple Offices

At DakotaPro, we specialize in tying together multiple offices, creating a unified business from many locations in Southern Arizona:

  • Fastest possible connection at every site

    At DakotaPro, we are “technology agnostic”.  That means that we are willing to consider the most cost-effective connectivity to every site.   Give us an address and how much speed you need, and we will research the best options.  Those options will often vary by site.  So, your “West” office may be best served with a fiber connection, while the “South” office can only get cable, while the “East” office’s best option is to use DakotaPro’s wireless technology.  DakotaPro will tie the whole thing together into a private network.

  • Use Colo as your Strategic Hub

    Businesses with multiple sites will often benefit from placing company servers in the DakotaPro Colocation Data Vault.  Besides enjoying the benefits of a secure, highly-reliable and available infrastructure, each site will also have the fastest access possible to the servers – and not be “bottlenecked” by trying to reach the servers at HQ.  Colo is also an excellent location for a centralized IP phone system for your company.  This means you’ll have extension-to-extension dialing between sites, seemless call transferring, unified voicemails across the company, etc.  The benefits are dramatic!

  • Private Network

    DakotaPro will often engineer separate technologies as show above into a single, private network.  This means that site-to-site VPNs are are a thing of the past.  Files are easily transferred between sites – all with a very secure architecture.

  • One enterprise-wide Internet connection

    This design allows for a single firewall to be put in place for all sites.  Now, a single change in firewall settings affect the whole enterprise – you no longer have to try and manage firewalls at each site!

  • Efficient, centralized purchasing of Internet and Voice services

    Here, we can generally save you money!  You no longer need to buy separate connections at each site, nor maintain separate PBXs and voice lines.  All are purchased in a centralized manner so that you only purchase what hou need!  We find we can often save companies 30% or more in their telco purchasing via this simple concept

Contact us today to see how we can connect the various sites you have with the speed you need, into a private, secure network and enjoy the benefits of a telecommunications platform for all your employees!


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