Business Voice Overview

Today more than ever, businesses rely upon their communications infrastructure to meet their needs in terms of service, features, reliability and cost. DakotaPro understands the mission critical nature of business communications and has designed and built highly reliable, carrier class communication services that are priced competitively for businesses small and large. Our state of the art communications network, data center and central office switch allow us to provide innovation services and help you to redefine the way that you use business communications. With our 24✕7 local support center, we put the word “service” back into “telephone service.”

We have a wide range of solutions to choose from to meet your critical businesses communications needs. We can analyze your business communications needs and recommend the right solution for your business and budget. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

DakotaPro can provide the following products and services:

Business Line Replacement

Save money today without replacing your existing telephone equipment. You can replace your analog Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or PRI lines with DakotaPro’s Converged Access Service. We combine all of your basic communications needs into one package. Our telephone service is compatible with virtually every PBX and key telephone system.

IP-Based Telephone Systems

If your existing PBX or key telephone system has reached the end of its useful life, replace it with an advanced, cost effective telephone system from Allworx. DakotaPro is a factory trained and authorized reseller of Allworx telephone equipment. Allworx manufactures award-winning, feature-rich telephone equipment that is compatible with our SIP Trunking telephone service and priced to fit most business budgets.

Fully Hosted PBX Service

Get all the advantages of an advanced PBX system without having to purchase equipment, buy telephones or pay for ongoing maintenance, upgrades or support. DakotaPro PBX On-Demand Service is a fully hosted PBX service that gets you out of having to purchase, own and depreciate telephone equipment. Moves, adds, and changes are quick and easy with our state-of-the-art carrier class service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I heard that DakotaPro is new to the phone business, why should I trust DakotaPro with my business telephone service?

A: DakotaPro launched its commercial telephone service at the beginning of 2008 after extensive research and planning. The DakotaPro Management Team has many years of experience and training in both regulated telephone company operations and unregulated VoIP services. DakotaPro has made a substantial investment in its infrastructure and telephone switching equipment in order to deliver a full suite of business grade telephone services. Unlike other smaller companies in the Tucson area which offer very limited VoIP telephone services using PC-based servers and public domain software, we use only high quality telephone company grade equipment for our service from Metaswitch. We use the same next generation central office switching equipment used by more than 300 telephone companies in North America including: AT&T, Sprint and Qwest. Even European company British Telecom, has announced plans for worldwide deployment of the same equipment used at DakotaPro for millions of its customers. Only telephone company grade equipment can deliver 99.999% uptime – that’s 5 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.  Metaswitch has invested more than $30 million this year alone in R&D for new features for the platform. That level of investment is impossible for a small company trying to develop everything in-house. PC-based servers running on public domain software simply cannot deliver the same level of reliability as carrier grade equipment.

Would you consider flying on a commercial airliner if you knew that the flight control system on the plane was running on a cockpit PC with free, public domain software? How safe would you feel? No airline in the world would ever consider putting its passengers at risk with that kind of system. Here at DakotaPro, we feel the same way about your mission critical business telephone service and would never consider running it on PCs and free software.

We encourage our clients to educate themselves and ask any potential service providers under consideration, whether they run their service on PCs and free software or on carrier grade switching equipment designed for 99.999% reliability. Don’t let a service provider put YOUR business at RISK because they are trying to reinvent the wheel or just want to save a few bucks.

Q: I’ve heard that VoIP is unreliable. How is DakotaPro VoIP different?

A: VoIP stands for any voice communications that are delivered using Internet Protocol (IP) technology. VoIP is a very mature technology and has been around for more than 10 years. Many companies, however, have tried to deliver their VoIP phone service over the public Internet. Since the Internet is inherently unreliable in terms of uptime and has no Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to insure error free delivery of voice traffic, it has really given VoIP a bad rap. DakotaPro does not use the Internet to deliver its voice services. We use our private network where we control every aspect of the quality and interconnect directly with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in Tucson. This means that your voice traffic never passes over the public Internet where performance can affect voice quality. Our VoIP is so good, that our clients can’t believe we use VoIP technology to deliver it!


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