Once you have high-speed connectivity, and your network is secure, now you can investigate ENABLING technologies.  These are technologies that improve your productivity, efficiency and typically save you $$.

DakotaPro.biz offers business voice services.  We can help design a system that will be more efficient and scaleable as your business grows.  Why pay for services before you need them?

For additional productivity, consider an IP-based phone system.  These systems are dramatically different than legacy systems.  They have far more features, are much easier to maintain and are much less expensive.  Don’t buy another legacy phone system until you see with IP-based systems can do for you!

Our Premium E-mail and SpamGuard filtering give you the peace of mind of secured communcations while improving your staff’s productivity.

Our web site hosting solutions help make your web presence felt – a key marketing approach in today’s economy.

Let DakotaPro.biz be your technology business consultants.  We’ll LISTEN to what you want to do, then brainstorm on the best ways to get it done.  Then we’ll design the best possible solution for your business – all with cost savings in mind!

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