Private Colocation Suites

DakotaPro is pleased to provide a special service to a limited number of customers. For those customers interested in the ultimate in security and control, consider our private colocation suites. These suites are designed to house up to 3 open racks with working room in front and behind the racks. They have a separate secured entrance right off of our main data center floor. Only your staff and the staff of DakotaPro will be able to access your equipment.

Our private colo suite customers will enjoy ALL of the benefits of our data center as well as the security of a completely private room. We log every entry into your room, so we can send you regular reports showing who physically accessed your servers – a key requirement for today’s security concerns.

If you are striving for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI or other industry compliance, private colo suites can be part of your solution.

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