Residential Services

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I wish I never had to do business with the cable (or telephone) company again”? Do you live in an area where the cable and/or telephone company don’t provide very good service? Are you tired of being treated like an annoyance when you call and need help? Perhaps that “offshore” support center isn’t exactly whom you wish to call when you an issue?

DakotaPro is your answer! Say goodbye to those “big guys” and say hello to better service, supported by local Tucsonans! Discover why our company motto is that we are the “Human Touch in Technology”!

Our most popular offering is our Residential Wireless service. We provide a very fast and reliable Internet connection to your home via a wireless signal from one of our towers. This service does not rely on phone lines or the Cable TV coax running to your home. We specialize in providing service to homes that have few other services available. We offer speeds up to 20 Meg downloads and 10 Meg uploads, plenty fast enough to stream movies and play online gaming. Install time is very quick – usually within a few days.

Of course, we still offer Residential DSL and even dial-up if that’s what you’re looking for. If this describes you, contact us. However, since most folks want faster speeds than what DSL and dial-up can support, our focus is primarily on the Residential Wireless and Phone Service offerings.

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