Multi-Link Broadband

For years, high speed data circuits known as T1 leased-lines from the telephone company have been the standard when it comes to reliability and throughput for mission critical voice and data applications. Although fast and reliable, T1 leased-lines are a costly option.

Recently, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology and cable modem access have become a lower cost alternative to T1 leased-lines but suffer from slower upload speeds and a lack of scalability. While a T1 leased-line offers symmetrical bandwidth of 1.5 Mb in both the upstream and downstream directions, DSL is asymmetrical and typically offers less than 1 Megabit in the upstream direction while providing from 1.5 to 7 Megabits in the downstream direction. The slower speed in the upstream direction greatly limits the speed at which a large file or email attachment can be transferred. was the first company in Southern Arizona to offer Multi-Link Broadband Service.

Multi-Link Broadband from is a revolutionary new way to deliver high speed Internet Access for high traffic venues such as hotels, schools, multi-tenant units (MTU), multi-dwelling units (MDU) and any business application with high bandwidth requirements or a large number of Internet users and where the cost of providing such a service on multiple T1 lines is cost prohibitive. If your location qualifies for DSL, you can get Multi-Link Broadband Service from

Multi-Link Broadband is a better solution when it comes to having the reliability and scalability needed for important business applications.

Features and Benefits

Lower cost per Megabit than T1 leased-lines

Save money while getting significant increases in speed and productivity

Downstream speeds from 3 – 25 Megabits/second

Delivers speeds many times faster than DSL, T1 or Cable modems. Scalable to grow with your business. Does not lock your business into a solution that you will grow out of.

Upstream Speeds from 1.8 – 5.4 Megabits/second

Higher upstream speeds, allowing for faster file transfers and large email attachments saving time and money by increasing you or your staff’s productivity.

There is no equipment to buy

Avoid technology obsolescence and the hassle of owning and maintaining your own equipment

Genuine Cisco equipment comes standard with each installation

High quality networking equipment delivers performance and reliability

Service delivered through DakotaPro’s 155Mb ATM OC-3 Gateway

No network bottlenecks that can degrade speed and performance. Additional speed can be added in a matter of days


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