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DakotaPro is one of the largest Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service providers in Southern Arizona.  We helped deploy DSL when it first arrived in 1998 in partnership with Qwest (Now CenturyLink) Communications. DakotaPro obtains the transport local loop from CenturyLink and bundles it with our premium multi-homed Internet service and award winning 24×7 technical support. Our interconnection with CenturyLink is one of the fastest in the region – an OC-3 operating at 155Mbps. This means that you will never get congestion over our local network while using DakotaPro as your Internet Service Provider. Our business grade DSL is a fully managed solution – one bill and one point of contact for support.


CenturyLink DSL comes in downstream speeds from 256Kbps to 7Mbps. The most common speed is 1.5Mbps. The “type” of DSL we offer is ADSL, meaning that the service offers asymmetrical speeds. Typical upload speeds are in the 800Kbps to 900Kbps range. DSL technology, as a whole, is a great low-cost connectivity option for both consumers and small businesses. DSL service is suitable for offices with 1-20 computers and light to medium Internet use.  It can also be a low-cost backup connection for businesses needed that extra reliability.


  • Largest independent ISP in Southern Arizona
  • Fast, OC-3 connection operating at 155 Mbps
  • Award-winning, local technical support
  • Managed service – one call does it all!
  • Premium E-mail Services with full POP3, IMAP and Webmail – YOU choose how you want to use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does DSL compare to Cable Internet Service?
A: Cable is often advertised to have faster speeds.  However, most users report that their experience on cable is not consistent – meaning it can be fast today, and slow tomorrow.  That is especially true on upload speeds (when sending to the Internet).  DSL users typically report their upload speeds are very consistent and faster than cable, no matter what the rated speeds.

Q: I currently qualify for 1.5Mbps DSL. I’ve heard that some lines can qualify for up to 7Mbps. Why can’t everyone get this speed?
A: DSL technology uses standard telephone lines (copper) for data transmission. The speed of the connection is limited by the distance of the wire from the DSL modem to the central office equipment (DSLAM) due to interference, line noise and cross-talk. In other words, the farther the distance, the slower the speeds. In order to receive speeds of 7Mbps, one must be less than 5000 cable feet from the central office equipment.

Q: What kind of modem should I use for my DSL connection?
A: There are several modems to choose from. On the low end, in terms of performance and security, are units from Actiontec and 2Wire. For better performance and protection from Internet threats, we recommend our Managed Security Service. Using a firewall with an integrated DSL modem allows you to protect your network with fewer public IP addresses.

Q: What is a “stand alone” DSL line and why does DakotaPro recommend it?
A: A stand alone DSL line is one that comes in as a completely separate line and does not ride on top of an existing voice line. While it is technically possible to share DSL and a business line on the same line, we have seen an overwhelming number of cases where the stability of the DSL line was greatly affected by line sharing. For this reason, DakotaPro Business DSL is always installed as a separate standalone line for best performance.

Q: What is the difference between residential and business DSL service from DakotaPro?
A: Business DSL is a fully managed service where DakotaPro takes care of everything including management of the local loop from Qwest and DakotaPro’s Internet Service. Residential DSL requires the customer to call Qwest for any local loop repairs. Business DSL comes with one static IP address by default, residential service comes with a dynamically assigned IP address. DakotaPro Business DSL customers are handled as a priority 24×7.

Q: Why does CenturyLink have to be involved in the delivery of my DSL service?
A: CenturyLink has been the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) for over 100 years. Over this time, they have built a significant copper wire infrastructure which they own. To be more precise, they own 100% of the copper loops currently in the ground in Tucson. For this reason, DakotaPro partners with CenturyLink for the “last mile” delivery because there is no other way to reach our customers with copper loops. Over these DSL loops, DakotaPro then provides premium multi-homed Internet access, network management and 24×7 award winning customer support which shields the customer from having to deal directly with the phone company for repairs, Internet service or support issues.

Testimonials from our business DSL customers:

My connectivity thus far seems to be real good. I’m pleased with the service you and Connie provided me during my moments of stress. Having real points of contact is probably the single greatest benefit I’ve received by switching from CenturyLink to DakotaCom.Net. It became rather frustrating when calling CenturyLink for support only to receive a different salesperson disguised as a “technical expert” that would have a different view on the service I needed. I can’t afford to do business that way, so switching to DakotaCom.Net has been refreshing. Thank you for your support. I’m not worried about my Internet service for the Tax Season and that allows me to focus on other areas of need.Thanks!

Lance A. Bonlender, EA

We have been with DakotaPro for almost three years now. We made the decision to switch over to DakotaPro from our previous provider because we were having constant problems with our DSL connection. The other company just couldn’t seem to get it right. DakotaPro installed a new DSL line for us and we have had rock solid service ever since. Thank you DakotaPro for providing us with great service!

Mike Brann – Diamondback Police Supply

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