Dedicated Internet Access

DakotaPro is the leading provider of T1, DS3 and Optical Carrier (OC-X) Dedicated Internet Access in Southern Arizona. If you are looking for high speed Internet access for your businesses via a dedicated point-to-point circuit, we have the solutions. T1 local loops are the most common transport choice. DakotaPro provides T1 Internet access to businesses via a fully managed, point-to-point high speed Internet access service for fast, reliable and secure connections to the Internet. Companies can receive Full and Multi T1 Internet connection options for bandwidth speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 6 Mbps. DS3 connections featuring speeds of 45Mbps are also available. If you need more than a DS3, we can provision OC-3 (155Mbps) and OC-12 (622Mbps) fiber connections. We also offer transport via frame relay T1s over our 155Mbps ATM backbone connection. Frame Relay can be a more cost effective solution outside of metro Tucson than point-to-point T1s. DakotaPro Dedicated Internet Access services includes local loop transport, dual-homed Internet backbone connectivity, pre-configured Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), full installation and 24×7 CPE monitoring. Contact us today to see why thousands of Tucson businesses are relying on DakotaPro as their service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a T1 anyway?
A: A T1 is a digital telephone line or circuit which uses 2 dedicated pairs of copper wires. The line is capable of transmitting data simultaneously in both directions at a rate of 1.544 Megabits per second. Because of their reliability, T1 lines have been used for years to transport voice traffic and are divided into 24 channels, each capable of carrying one simultaneous voice conversation. T1 technology is extremely mature and reliable and can be used to deliver dedicated Internet, dedicated voice or a combination of voice and Internet. The cost of the T1 local loop has continued to decline. Because T1s use a line repeater technology, which amplifies the signal over long distances, T1s can be delivered at nearly any distance. Unlike DSL which is affected by the distance of the copper loop, T1s do not have this limitation and can be engineered with as many repeaters as necessary to deliver the circuit. T1s are delivered using 2 dedicated pairs of copper but may also be delivered over long distances using fiber optic technology and converted back to an electrical copper connection at the end points.

Q: Why is a T1 used for voice communications?
A: The main advantage of T1 is cost savings over equivalent service on regular analog lines. In general the cost of most 24 channel T1s is about the same as 12 standard telephone lines. This enables a business requiring 24 phone lines to do so for the cost of 12. Another advantage is that T1 is a digital transmission and therefore less prone than regular phone lines to loss and interference.

Q: Why is a T1 used for data communications?
A: Speed and reliability are the primary reasons for data over T1. If a company transmits large files regularly outside their office a T1 can be a great asset as well as if they receive large amounts of data. With the popularity of the Internet and the requirement to send data at higher speeds, T1 technology offers upstream speeds that are much higher than DSL and with greater reliability.

Q: If I get a T1 for Internet Access, am I guaranteed the full 1.544Mbps speed?
A: Yes, if you order point-to-point T1 service. T1 lines are dedicated from the customer premise to the DakotaPro Data Center. DakotaPro maintains enough upstream capacity from its Data Center to the Internet so that T1 customers can burst up to the full T1 speed of 1.5 Megabits per second. For frame relay T1's, we guarantee up to the Committed Information Rate (CIR). Typical performance is about 1.3Mbps on a frame relay T1 due to frame relay overhead.

Q: I heard that T1 lines are very expensive.
The cost of T1 service has come down a great deal. T1 lines do cost more than DSL connections. In most cases, if you already have 8 telephone lines for your business, you can get a T1 line to carry your voice and Internet traffic for about the same price as what you are paying for your telephone service plus the cost of your DSL or cable Internet service. The benefit is higher reliability and faster upstream speeds than DSL or cable. DakotaPro has very competitive rates on T1 service and can do a quick analysis of your needs and your telephone bills to determine if T1 service is cost effective and right for your business.

Q: What if I outgrow my T1 line?
A: If you need faster speeds than what one T1 can deliver, DakotaPro can bond up to 4 T1s together to deliver symmetrical speeds of up to 6 Megabits per second. If you think you will need more than 6Mbps in the near future, then Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE) is a better choice.

Q: How long does it take to get a T1 installed at my location?
A: A T1 usually takes between 30 and 45 days to install once the service order is signed. It is extremely difficult to get a T1 installed in less time than the standard 30 to 45 day interval.

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