News and Press Releases

Here at, things are always happening. See below for a chronology of news about us and our major announcements:


File Description Date Size
Silver-Sponsor-AMIT-show-May-1-2007.pdf DakotaPro announces Silver sponsorship of AMIT show 2012-10-31 12.1 KB
Wireless-Expansion-Feb-27-2007.pdf DakotaPro announces another wireless expansion 2012-10-31 11.6 KB
Inside-Tucson-Bus-article-Jun-2009.pdf Inside Tucson Busienss profiles Dakota 2012-10-31 50.9 KB
Now-Serving-Hotel-and-Bus-Pks-Feb-1-2007.pdf DakotaPro announces services to mutl-tenant units like Hotels & Apts 2012-10-31 12.7 KB
Data-Vault-Lauched-Feb-13-2006.pdf DakotaPro announces opening of Data Vault Colo Facility 2012-10-31 11.8 KB
Gain-Merger-Sep-7-2006.pdf Gain & Dakota to merge into largest indepdent ISP in Southern AZ 2012-10-31 17.5 KB division to focus on Business Internet solutions 2012-10-31 10.5 KB DakotaPro announces major upgrade in E-mail systems 2012-10-31 10.5 KB
BBB-Award-May-5-2006.pdf DakotaPro recognized with prestigious BBB Ethics Award 2012-10-31 19.6 KB
Dakota-Acquired-Apr-6-2005.pdf acquires Local Internet Provider DakotCom.Net 2012-10-31 12 KB
2008-03-06-Allworx-Announcement.pdf Allworx names Business Partner 2012-10-31 14.9 KB
2008-11-13-MetaSwitch-Press-Release-Dakota-final.pdf DakotaPro announces parnership with Metaswitch 2012-10-31 24 KB
2007-06-01-Checkpoint-Silver-Partnership.pdf Checkpoint names Siver Partner 2012-10-31 10.1 KB
24-x-7-support-Dec-17-2006.pdf DakotaPro announces 24/7 Technical Support 2012-10-31 12.8 KB

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