Customer Referral Program

As a local company, we value our Customer referrals tremendously.  Telling your friends about our services is the very best feedback we can get that you are happy with what we do and want to help spread the word.

We appreciate your help so much that we will issue BOTH you AND the new Customer a $60/credit on account as soon as the new Customer pays their first bill.

When referring a potential Customer, simply ask that they let us know you referred them during their FIRST CONTACT with us and we’ll take care of the rest.  Help spread the word about our services AND get substantial account credits in the process.  What could be easier?


1.  The new customer must let us know they were referred during their FIRST CONTACT with us.  We cannot accept referrals based on information provided in subsequent contacts.

2.  Referral credits are not issued for referring returning Customers who used to be DakotaPro Customers less than 12 mos ago.  On the other hand, if a Customer returns to using DakotaPro services after MORE than a 12-mos hiatus, they ARE eligible to earn referral credits.

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