About Us

DakotaPro.biz is a Tucson-based, locally-owned, and regionally-focused Internet Solutions Provider. We offer connectivity, security and IP enabling technologies throughout central and Southern Arizona. DakotaPro has been delivering comprehensive services for architecting, designing, integrating, and implementing IP solutions since 1995. DakotaPro operates a 7,200 square feet facility that includes a state-of-the-art data center that acts as a hub for our operations. Our data center, the Dakota Data Vault, hosts many mission-critical systems – including various business, medical, financial and governmental applications.

Customers choose DakotaPro because of our ongoing focus on business needs, our reliability, and most importantly, the team approach at DakotaPro. Our facility and services also help customers plan for disaster recovery and compliance with a myriad of regulations including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year with Level 1 and Level 2 support specialists. During normal business hours (8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday), we live answer the telephone so you have no recorded menus to wade through. Our reputation is that of providing “Business Class Internet Solutions” while maintaining high customer satisfaction. As the Premier Provider of Internet Solutions in Southern Arizona, you are always welcome to tour our facilities or meet with the DakotaPro team. Our staff is available if you have any questions or concerns. Our approach is to grow our business with yours.


At DakotaPro, we enable our clients to realize the full potential of business communications through the use of innovative IP technologies.  That’s our biz.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to delight our customers with superior technology and outstanding service while growing profitably.  Great employees earn our Customers’ loyalty every day in every interaction.  We focus on small and medium sized businesses in the Tucson and Phoenix metro corridor. We offer robust solutions in high-speed connectivity, managed security and enabling technologies in voice & data, while utilizing our colocation facilities as an ideal telecommunications hub.


The DakotaPro team is proud of our reputation in the community and know that our values are reflected in everything we do. We will delight our customers and employees with Respect, Integrity, Service and excellence. We will demonstrate through action that we “do what we say” and “say what we do”.

Our Approach

So many customers have commented about the way we do business that we include it here for your review. For us, integrity is like a street sign, guiding every business practice

The community’s perception of Dakota’s high ethics and integrity is earned every day, by every employee, in every customer interaction.

  1. Selling isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for and with someone – it is an exchange of value.
  2. We always under promise and over deliver.
  3. Integrity and high ethics are accepted as the basis for long-term selling success.
  4. Selling is never manipulative – because we don’t do anything that is contrary to the customer’s best interests.
  5. We aggressively compete in the marketplace, but not by attacking our competitors. We focus on our strengths vs. focusing on a specific competitor’s weaknesses.
  6. Everything we do must pass the “sunshine test” – whenever our actions are exposed to the light of day, we continue to be proud of our approach.
  7. Our consultative selling approach ensures that we solve customer’s real problems, not perceived needs.
  8. We operate on the golden rule – we treat others the way we wish to be treated.
  9. The consistency that we receive customer referrals for new customers is one of the best measurements of how our customers feel about our business approach.

We take our commitment very seriously. We would appreciate your feedback if you ever notice that we do not measure up to the above standards. Please forward any comments to President@DakotaPro.biz or 520-745-3900 and ask for Bill.

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